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Creative Ways To Style Your Jewellery

Creative Ways To Style Your Jewellery

Creative Ways To Style Your Jewellery

These times have been hard on all of us. We all are introspecting on our ways to do things and trying to be conscious and mindful for it. And how about being conscious in style? Sounds interesting right?

There are so many ways you can style a single product and make the most of it. Let's decode some creative ways to style your jewellery and utilize them to their full potential.


Choker is such a versatile piece of jewellery. You can easily layer them up with a pendant or just stack them up as a bracelet. Play with colors while stacking or layering your chokers, it creates a stunning effect.

Bonus Tip: You can even style your chokers as anklets. They look equally stunning.


Brooch is that one piece that instantly catches attention. You can style it in so many ways apart from your usual blazer-brooch combo. Brooches are the perfect partner to your ethnic wear. Wear a brooch with a sleek pleated saree and it will instantly zest up your outfit.

Bonus Tip: Attach it to your jeans near the pocket and spice up your casual days.


We all love earstuds, the most basic and easy to wear piece of jewellery. You can repurpose your basic earstuds in multiple ways. Wear them on the tip of the collar of your basic white shirt and easily glam it up. You can even wear them as buttons on your tops and kurtis, a bejewelled replacement for basic buttons.

Bonus tip: Attach a little chain with a pearl or crystal drop at the back of your ear studs, put the stoppers and convert them into danglers.


Reinvent your statement danglers by styling them in different ways. You can easily bling up your formal blazer by adding your danglers as a brooch. It transforms your whole look in seconds.

Bonus Tip: Wear a top or a shirt with a closed collar and wear your earring in the middle, right in the place where a bow tie is worn.

Restyle, repurpose and reinvent your jewellery. Discover new ways to style and don't forget to add your own touch to it. Let's be conscious buyers, shop local and make the most of the things we have.

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