Introducing Esme, a timeless jewellery brand with a modern perspective, where jewellery is like a breath of fresh air, where the magic of colour unfolds through the most extraordinary coloured crystals and semi precious stones. The intrinsic beauty of these crystals are celebrated and enhanced through exciting designs that are as exuberant and diverse as nature itself. Esme: A laboratory for innovation, where the impossible becomes real.


Esme takes inspiration from real women like yourself to create unique designs that captures the essence of their personality. Our perpetual muse is the real woman, one who is feminine and graceful in her being and confident in her existence. To cater to them and their special needs Esme classifies it's jewellery under two labels- CLASSICS and EXCLUSIVES.

CLASSICS are timeless and elegant pieces that every women needs in her wardrobe. These pieces are evergreen in Esme's collections so that everyone can have these quintessential pieces in their closet.

EXCLUSIVES are unique statement pieces with astonishing designs that are meant to make you stand out. Esme produces a limited number of 300 pieces worldwide of Exclusives which makes them even more rare and you can have just the piece for yourself.


Esme is led by creative designer Aashna Dalmia who studied jewellery designing and manufacturing from Gautam Banerjee’s Academy of Design, Mumbai. She further graduated with a certified diamond course from GIA and was an exchange student to attend jewellery week at Le Arti Orafe Jewellery school in Florence, Italy. With her passion, exposure, knowledge and a life long admiration for the beauty of jewels, Aashna decided to conceptualise her ideas into works of art with, Esme.

Esme aims at giving women beautifully crafted pieces that cater to many facets of their personality. We believe that every piece of jewellery that a woman chooses is a reflection of her inner truth. We work on providing emboldening designs which become talismans of strength and power whilst also maintaining the essence of daintiness in order to match the varying moods and characters of our customers. Our perpetual muse is the real woman, one who is feminine and graceful in her being and confident in her existence.

"Beauty is unique and is a reflection of a woman’s soul. I love designs that are emboldening and empowering. Dramatic silhouettes, bold shapes and bright colors give an essence of power and confidence which embodies my vision for Esme. A vision of believing, dreaming and becoming everything that you want to be."

- Aashna Dalmia


"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind."

- Johannes Brahms

Each aesthetic in Esme’s collection is a perfect balance of impeccable design, skill and finesse. The synergy between the artisans and the designers are held to the highest standards and is of utmost importance. Handcrafted to perfection, Esme’s pieces are a culmination of art, fine technical knowledge, study and an eye for intricacy and detail. Esme believes that jewellery can only be truly beautiful when its beautifully made.



Working from the age of 17, he has been in the industry for almost 25 years. From technical aspects of jewellery to what runs in the market he is well versed with everything. His zeal to learn and experiment gives Esme the freedom to come up with such exciting and innovative designs. He believes there is no limit to knowledge and that he learns something new everyday. He loves the fact that he is developing new skills and unique pieces each day at Esme and is looking forward to doing so for years.

"Esme ke sath kam karte hue har roz kuch naya sikhne ko milta hai. Esme ka har piece alag hai or usko banane ka tareeka alag. Har piece ek chunauti hai jo kuch na kuch sikhati hai."

- Pranab Das