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Design Story Edit - LUMOS

Design Story Edit - LUMOS

Design Story Edit - LUMOS

Taking you on a journey of how we created our first very first collection 'Lumos' .

She walked to the edge of the wood ,choir of crickets chirping in every direction.

A hot humid breeze brushing through her hair , her feet bare and callused. Standing, unmoving while watching the dance of thousand fireflies bringing light into the darkness. She stood there inhaling the scent of the southern soil, the burning leaves and the honey suckles while watching nature’s festival of colourful lights. The silent spark of fireflies , their dazzling light shining ever so bright.

They often seems so magical and alluring in the night sky, like an art work of the starry night.


The collection Lumos was inspired by the magical Fireflies. It is a collection specially designed to bring back the treasured old memories of collecting these beautiful illuminating bugs in your little jar. An effort to appreciate the beauty of these fallen angels of light. The idea behind designing this collection was to create beautiful statement pieces with unique designs.

"Spread your wings and fly, illuminated from within your heart space. Let your heart lead the way and shine for all to see. "


The inspiring moment while working on a collection is to see it actually being made. Each of the pieces from the collection are handcrafted by very skilled and talented artisans of India. The main focus was to create pieces with blinding finish and superior quality.

The Lumos collection resonates to women who are not afraid to speak their heart out. They are bold, they are confident and ready to make a statement. The twinkling light of the fireflies is a personification of the spark inside them which can light up your darkest of days. Emboldening designs which can bring out the fierce and fearless you.

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